Going 155 MPH on land is intense. Going 155 MPH on water is incredible.
The History

The first boat races were held shortly after its invention in c. 8000 BC. Engines were added in 1858, which made things a lot better. Inboards, outboards, inboard-outboards, offshore super boats, and USF1 Powerboats. We fuel them all. The US F1 outboard has been recognized for decades as the world’s most spectacular racing powerboat.

The Boats

The crafts are 20 feet long, 7 feet wide, and mean looking. They’re 860 lbs., 260 of which is pure engine. The boats rest only a few inches in the water, allowing minimum draft and maximum speed.

The Acceleration
Boats can go 0-100 MPH in 3.5 seconds.
The License

In order to race you have to go through an in-depth medical exam and pass an immersion test that involves an F1 simulator. 

The Engines

All F1 powerboats run on Mercury and Johnson Marine engines. 10,000 RPM. 400 HP. Not your average dinghy. When boats stop to fill up, it’s with Sunoco’s 260 GTX Unleaded and Standard Leaded fuels.

Most of the boat is made of carbon fiber and Kevlar.